Seamlessly Connected through Integrated Processes

More than 20 years of experience at international airports.

‘Due to our extensive experience and knowledge of the challenges of today and tomorrow, we support airports in delivering a seamlessly connected travel experience.’

In-Depth Knowledge of Airport Processes

We have supported international airports for more than twenty years, giving us in-depth knowledge of passengers and baggage handling processes and systems. Our experience with Management & Consultancy services ranges from process design to technology implementation, where both Safety and Security play a vital role.

What We Can Do For You

Here is a brief selection of our results from past projects


Centralised airport-wide security

  • Quality definition, monitoring and securing of functional requirements and specifications for central airport security on behalf of stakeholders.

Innovative security system

  • Weakness analysis of NO-Q / Automatic border crossing.
  • Development of an Operational Concept Description after translating the wishes and requirements of various stakeholders..
  • Testing of the Security Lane, as well as setting up the various Security filters.
  • Further development of new Security Lanes.
  • Roll-out and test management of the new CT scan.

Parking garages

  • Optimisation and expansion of parking garages.
  • Integration of two existing service lodges.
  • Implementation of a dynamic parking control system

Passenger flows

  • Analysis and advice for passenger flows and bottlenecks, the required capacity and the effect of this on service.
  • Seamless Flow: Process optimisation by using biometrics instead of documents.


Airport-wide baggage backbone

  • Sectional project leadership and test management for operation of the baggage system and the infrastructure of the backbone , with which all baggage areas are interconnected so that airport-wide control is possible.

The world’s most modern baggage handling system

  • Project leadership for the design of a baggage operation and control system for the new baggage buffering and sorting system, including the associated ICT facilities and a separate digital camera network (200 cameras).
  • Coordination with clients and users as to how the baggage transport system can be deployed optimally within the logistical processes and how the logistical processes can be optimised on the basis of the possibilities of the baggage transport system and its operation.
  • Project leadership for the building and integration of the operation and ICT.
  • Test and acceptance: responsibility for a section of control and ICT.
  • Responsibility for the transfer of the entire baggage system to baggage operation and management.

Optimisation of the in-line baggage control

  • Introduction of the ‘distributed rule-based control’ concept in collaboration with several stakeholders.

Other projects

  • Definition and design of an entirely new central High Risk Flight process for US carriers.
  • Positioning of staff passageways: advice on the desired degree of centralisation and of how to strike a balance between walking distances and operational costs.
  • An inventory of the systems currently in use, the expected modifications and the envisaged new systems. The work delivered such that it can be used as a basis for the actual integration of the airport’s new Pier and Terminal to be built.
  • Drawing up and testing of the Known Supplier Airport Requirements file.
  • Project leadership for converting the (technical) payment systems to the €uro.

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‘Passenger flow control’

Passenger flow control

‘Innovation of airport processes’

Innovation of airport processes