'At bostec we work on innovative projects in aviation'

Senior Consultants Bert Dijk, Joost Vrijhoef, and Jasper Wildenberg take you trough their experience and projects at Schiphol

Geplaatst: 27-01-2022

Bert Dijk, Joost Vrijhoef and Jasper Wildenberg have been working for Bostec for a number of years, carrying out many assignments in the aviation sector. We asked the three Senior Consultants about their experiences, the projects they are currently working on, what they have learned during their projects as consultants and what they are really proud of.

When did you start at Bostec and what do you have the most experience in?

Bert: “In August 2019, I started as a Medior Consultant. I have since gained a lot of experience with improvement projects at airports, in the mobility segment.”

Joost: “I started in November 2014. I was then the very first Young Professional within Bostec. With Bostec’s traineeship, you are trained to become a consultant in two years. I have most experience in improvement projects within mobility and, like Bert, at airports. At Bostec we work on innovative (digital) projects in aviation.”

Jasper: “I started as a Medior Consultant in July 2018, after working for Royal HaskoningDHV and Imtech for over eight years. At Bostec, I did most of the projects within mobility and airports.”

What are you working on now?

Bert: “I am currently working on two large projects that deal with the digital transformation within the operations of a major airport. One project focuses on information provision for directing the day of operation (near real-time & future). The other project deals with the preparation of the day of operation (next seven days).”

“In both projects I am working on data and information flows. At the strategic level, we try to link the complex IT landscape in order to deliver the most value for the operation. In fact, all three of Bostec’s propositions are reflected here, a great combination!”

Joost: “I do the test management for projects related to Automatic Border Passage at Schiphol Airport. This includes acceptance tests, commissioning tests, process and data analysis, the development of improvement proposals and pilot coordination. With the team, our goal is to work in a data-driven way and to optimize processes, or in other words, data-driven process optimization.”

Jasper: “I am currently working on an implementation project for Schiphol, the implementation of the European Entry/Exit System (EES). This system needs to be implemented at all international airports in Europe.”

“Within this project, I am responsible for preparing the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for the European Entry/Exit System. The CONOPS describes what the operation should look like when EES is implemented. We determine how the passenger flows and processes in the arrival and departure filters run, how they are supported and what the strategies are for scaling up and down as the supply of the different target groups changes throughout the day.

“It is incredibly important to involve, hear and bring together all stakeholders (Operations, Security, Royal Military Police). This is how we can determine what is possible and impossible and find the right balance to meet all preconditions. Digital transformation, data-driven process optimization and chain and logistics process optimization (all three of Bostec’s propositions) are reflected in this. I am very happy with my role in this project.”

“In addition, I am also the Segment Lead of Mobility within Bostec. In this role, I am responsible for creating a strategy and implementation plan for our Mobility segment and implementing it. With a team of colleagues, we closely follow market developments, perform analyses and arrive at a strategy. We then include the entire team in where we are working towards and how we will stay the course. It’s great fun to do this with my colleagues and to make sure that we actually execute what we have in mind..”

What have you learned in recent years?

Bert: “At Bostec, I developed my soft skills side: How do I position myself in different situations? When is the right moment to take my stage? Converting the theory within my assignments into added value for the customer gives me great satisfaction.”

Joost: “’If you have questions, ask them.’ I have found that most people really want to help you and especially if you show curiosity from your intrinsic motivation. Also if you have ideas: ‘share them’. By making them discussable (and visual) people start to think along and ask (critical) questions. With that feedback I can further develop and sharpen my ideas.”

Jasper: “VEspecially to take a pragmatic approach. From my previous employers, I was used to preparing thick and extensively substantiated reports, but in practice this causes limited follow-up and implementation and thick reports are often not needed at all to achieve your goal.”

“It is important to deliver manageable and comprehensible chunks, so that all those involved quickly understand what is needed and can act accordingly. That saves everyone so much time. But more importantly, you significantly increase the chance that the project will succeed.”

What are you most proud of?

Bert: “Within my assignments, I am proud of the fact that my strategic advice (about which IT components should work together and how) is currently actually being turned into reality. I am also proud of the fact that, despite the pandemic, I see many positive developments in my own life, at Bostec and with my clients.”

Joost: “Besides my substantive work with external clients, I also have an active role in various internal Bostec projects. This allows me to make a nice contribution to the further development of Bostec.”

Jasper: “That’s an easy one: that we at Bostec have been making mobility, industry and healthcare more efficient with smart and committed colleagues for 30 years, and that we do this by helping clients realize challenging projects or optimize processes. Of course, I am also proud of the fact that (in addition to my consultancy and project management assignments) I can contribute to the development of mobility and to Bostec as an organization.”

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