Home schooling for all children in Rotterdam

The corona crisis has had a major impact on society. Working from home and home schooling have become the new normal. In order to prevent learning disadvantages, it has therefore become even more important that children have access to means of participating in lessons from home. Recently, it has become more apparent than ever how important Beta, Engineering and IT are to society. 
Geplaatst: 03-05-2021

With the help of subsidies, schools in Rotterdam can now purchase these laptops and/or tablets to make sure that children who do not have a laptop or tablet can follow their lessons online, just like their classmates.

In total, the schools affiliated with the BOOR foundation will receive over 2600 devices. We have been deployed to help distribute the devices. In cooperation with Foundation BOOR, we make sure that all laptops and tablets reach the schools as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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