Being on top of innovative projects at our clients

A look behind and in front of the scenes at our international airport. The best way to learn from great and innovative project with process optimizations that we have been working on for the past years. 
Geplaatst: 21-02-2022

What do we work on? 

During the onboarding period at Bostec it is not just about getting to know our systems and way of working but also about getting to know our amazing clients. Consultant Anjani Kalika and Trainee Annabelle Dierick got an extensive tour at on of our clients in mobility, namely the best known international airport.

Process optimization in the parking area

Today, we are having a look in front of the scenes. With a cup of coffee at the Central Business Disctrict of Schiphol the planning for the rest of the day is discussed. The tour starts at the parking are. Did you know that this parking area is one of the first in the Netherlands that used red and green lights to indicate whether a parking spot is still free? How great is it that one of our colleagues was involved in that project. As you can imagine we are really proud of that.

Chain- and logistical process optimization ‘for real’

The tour continues through Plaza, where Anjani and Annabelle get to hear all about Bostec’s contribution to keep uncertified taxi drivers as far away from tourists as possible. During this project there was an extensive collaboration with safety authorities such as the national police, the Royal Netherlands Marechausse, and civil officers. Bostec coordinated this project and used their knowledge about rules- and regulations in this field. The goal of the tour was to make our proposition ‘Chain- and logistical process optimization’ tangible.

Temporary departure hall to enable ongoing projects to keep going

The tour ended in the temporary departure hall. This hall, that was build within 6 months (!) with amongst others the help of Bostec, serves to make sure that passenger experience no constraints from ongoing projects and limited capacity in the existing departure halls. A seamless flow when going on your holiday, that is what makes you happy!

Read more about our reference about how frequently showing your travelling documents can be made unnecessary by using biometric face recognition.

This place is so big! 

Annabelle and Anjani enjoyed their day at the airport. Schiphol keeps developing more towards a ‘big village’ it is thereby becoming more than an airport. This is something that can also be seen from the numbers of steps your can take at the airport within 2,5 hours. Almost 10.000! This is how we also working on sufficient movement during your workday. On to the next visit, for a look behind the scenes!

Download the reference of Seamless Flow

Enjoy reading!