Bostec is one of VINCI Energies brands in the Netherlands

Bostec is part of the VINCI network. A worldwide actor in the area of digital transformation and energy transition. We like to explain ‘what we do’ within VINCI Energies Netherlands.
Geplaatst: 07-02-2022

Over the years the VINCI Energies Group established themselves throughout the world. It is now one of the biggest players in the areas of infrastructure, industry, ICT and building solutions. In a continuously changing world VINCI Energies focuses on networking and integration, optimization of performances, energy efficiency and data. This is done to accelerate the roll out of new technologies and support two important changes: digital transformation and energy transition.

By their regional presence and agile organizational structure, their 1.800 business units provide a strong impulse to the reliability, safety and efficiency of energy-, transport- and communication-infrastructures, factory’s and buildings.

Bostec Management & Consultancy is one of the brands of VINCI Energies. The power of Bostec lies in helping their relations with their goals to achieve a data driven way of working, optimize processes, go through digital transitions and optimize chain- and logistical processes with a specific focus on industry, healthcare and mobility.

With our way of working we make sure that there is a balance between process, technology and organization to make sure that together with our client we reach a result that works.

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