Anjani Kalika makes smooth transition from sister company Axians to Bostec

Anjani introduces herself.

Geplaatst: 01-02-2022

Anjani Kalika makes smooth transition from sister company Axians to Bostec

Anjani has been with Axians for the past 3.5 years and will start working for Bostec Management & Consultancy as of February 2022. Both companies are part of the global and listed VINCI Energies.
Anjani started at Axians as a Young Professional and successfully completed the training program. With a background in health sciences, she started working with her supervisor to add the healthcare domain to the company’s portfolio. She gained experience within sales and marketing, as well as setting up several within the VINCI network to provide joint solutions.

“After we realized the targeted new clients in the healthcare domain, I wanted to develop in the consulting field. Fortunately, that was possible. I spent a lot of time shadowing and working with our business analysts, collaborating on a variety of projects.” This was also the decisive factor for Anjani that her ambition lay in consulting. In the last year at Axians, she was able to add value in beautiful projects by optimizing processes with the help of digitalization. Experience that she can immediately put to use in Bostec’s field of work.

For her, the move to Bostec was therefore a very logical one. “I already knew Bostec from previous collaborations and found their focus to be very much in line with my own ambitions. The connection between digitization, people and organization that is made here in every project really appeals to me.”

As a Consultant at Bostec, Anjani expects to be able to grow and develop a lot. She is eager to gain experience in our industry & mobility sectors. “I see it as an opportunity to learn from each other. I can certainly learn in the other sectors, but can add value directly through my knowledge from healthcare and my experience with digitization projects.”

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