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White paper Innovation of airport processes

Innovation of Airport Processes – 3 papers

Increasing passenger numbers and limited opportunities to expand capacity will make it an ever greater challenge for airports to offer a good product. As a result, the innovation of airport processes seems unavoidable. However unpredictability means that it is not easy to manage.

Furthermore, the traditional approaches to project management and product development don’t work well with this unpredictability. Agile methodologies are more able to deal with unpredictability and progressive insights, but they are based on certain software characteristics that airport processes do not fully comply with.

So how can we effectively manage innovative projects? What ingredients are required for this? Download this white paper set here

Passenger Flow Control – 3 papers

There are moments during the passenger process when supply and demand for capacity do not match-up. Self-service and common-use solutions make it possible to accommodate the variable demand for capacity at relatively low operational costs. However, in addition to a smarter process design, effective process control remains vital in order to properly coordinate supply and demand.

Controlling the process primarily on the basis of schedules and then only responding to information about passengers already in the terminal means that control measures are nearly always taken too late. This will lead to problems, especially for sub-processes where volume flexibility is still limited due to technological and/or organisational limitations.

So what should be done? And what does it take? Download this white paper set here

White paper Passenger flow control