Data driven process optimization

Analayse available data, learn from it and use it in a meaningful way. You know what you want to improve, we help you to assess your goal and quantify it. Jointly we map the potential improvements. Besides, we surprise you with advice on improvement actions that we also quantify. By working data driven, you make constructive decisions. 

What is important with regard to data driven process optimization?

Bring focus
Ask yourself first, why do you want to optimize processes? More output, higher occupancy rate, less downtime, safer transport, higher quality of life for patients? Bring focus: which aspects make the difference for your organization and guarantee success on short and long term? Think big but start small.
Facts and feelings go together
Improvement opportunities are mostly based on both knowledge, experience as well as gut feeling. By using existing data within your organization additionally to the above mentioned, these improvement opportunities are supplemented or disproved. With interviews and observations one enlargers the involvement of the team.
Quantifying and prioritizing
Identify the improvement potential in your organization based on data, interviews and observations. By doing that it is clear on short notice what is needed to realize the improvement potential. By prioritizing, you create a solid and feasible improvement plan. This improvement plan gives direction and grip to the optimization.