Chain- and logistical process optimization

In today’s world, processes are often part of complex and dynamic chains across multiple chain partners, suppliers, distributors, customers, and transporters. Within chain- and logistical process optimization we create insight into the chain and logistical processes and explain how one can connect these in a better way. Our goal: to minimize waste and optimize processes. The goal is to increase efficiency and maximize value within the chain.

What is important for chain- and logistical process optimization?

Stronger and smarter together
When optimizing processes, sooner or later you will have to cope with your company's boundaries. A chain approach takes you further, in healthcare, as well as industry and mobility, and ensures that we can tackle overarching challenges. We bring parties together to create a common ambition and align individual needs. In this way, we create more added value in the chain.
Timely compliance with new laws and regulations
Laws and regulations are constantly changing and one law has more impact on your business processes than the other. As an organization, you don't always have overview of this, let alone time and resources for this extra burden. The fact is that, as an organization, you have to apply the changing laws and regulations on time and entirely. To do this, you must work together with your chain partners in the right way. We help you to comply with changing laws and regulations in a timely and efficient manner
Smooth flow
You've just solved one bottleneck, and the next one is just around the corner. Bottlenecks within processes will always arise due to new circumstances. We help you to eliminate them. In order to realize the smoothest possible flow for patients, travelers and/or products. Innovation and digitalization play an important role in this. This works in your advantage! How have we realized this at Schiphol? Read it in this reference.