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Digital transformation
You want to become data-driven, digitize processes and gain insight into bottlenecks. How do you tackle that?
Data driven process optimization
Analyzing existing data, learn from and thereafter use it in a meaningful way. By working data driven, one makes decisions based on facts.
Chain- and logistical process optimization
Do you want to improve logistical processes in which you are dependent of chain partners. What should you take into account?

Living up to your expectations

Our way of working is the best guarantee to make sure that the results of a project will meet your expectations. The core of our way of working is empathy. Stepping into your shoes is something we do on a daily basis, in every phase of a project. We are convinced that this is the key to delivering quality and being successful in getting the job done.


Knowledge & News

Bostec & VINCI

Bostec is part of VINCI Energies, a global leader and genuine network organization. For example, we collaborate a lot with other business units, such as Actemium and Axians. This gives us access to the enormous amount of knowledge and experience in the area of industrial & logistics automation and ICT.

Our team

Hi, I’m Anjani! I have a positive mindset and always see room for improvement. I love multidisciplinary challenges and like to look for the most efficient solution for all parties involved.

Anjani Kalika
Senior Consultant

Hi, I am Annabelle. I have a background in economics, business economics and European competition law. This gives me a multidisciplinary view on issues. I like to think along with you how a problem can be solved most efficiently and how we can optimize processes.

Annabelle Dierick
Trainee Management Consultant

Hi, I’m Dirk, Consultant at Bostec with a background in aviation logistics and international business management. I enjoy talking about the effect of a knowledge gap between the office and the operational workplace involving day-to-day processes.

Dirk de Kempenaer


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