Segments in which we are active

Within mobility, we focus on air- and seaports, traffic and transport by road, water, rail and public transport.
Bostec helps clients with creating the right links within the chain
Within healthcare we have a concrete goal in mind, namely, to make healthcare better, step by step. This is how we help healthcare providers to provide the best possible care to their patients and clients..

How do we help your organization?


There must always be a balanced relationship between process, technology and organization. Intervening in one of these three areas has an effect on the other two. We believe that our way of working provides the best guarantee to make sure that the results of a project will meet your expectations.

Bostec and VINCI

Bostec is part of Vinci Energies, a global player and true network organization. For example, we collaborate a lot with other business units, such as Actemium and Axians. This gives us access to an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in the area of industrial & logistical automation and ICT.

Our team

Hi, I am Elske and as a Senior Consultant I like to be involved in innovative change projects & process optimisations. I prefer to work in a socially relevant sector. I am engaging, open-minded and get to the point quickly.

Elske Vermeij
Senior Consultant

Hi Richard Deijkers, Manager Sales & Operations with a background in business administration, management, sales and entrepreneurship. I like to think about ways to further develop people and organisations, trends, behaviour, change management and of course sales. From idea to result!

Richard Deijkers
Manager Sales & Operations

Hi, I am Floris and I am specialised in logistics management with a focus on air and sea freight. I like to think along about logistic development, process changes and chain integration. I like to optimise existing processes by using innovative techniques.

Floris de Munk