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Our team

Hi, I’m Anjani! I have a positive mindset and always see room for improvement. I love multidisciplinary challenges and like to look for the most efficient solution for all parties involved.

Anjani Kalika
Senior Consultant

Hi, I am Annabelle. I have a background in economics, business economics and European competition law. This gives me a multidisciplinary view on issues. I like to think along with you how a problem can be solved most efficiently and how we can optimize processes.

Annabelle Dierick
Trainee Management Consultant

Hi, I’m Dirk, Consultant at Bostec with a background in aviation logistics and international business management. I enjoy talking about the effect of a knowledge gap between the office and the operational workplace involving day-to-day processes.

Dirk de Kempenaer

Hi, I am Jaap and I have carried out many implementation projects at Rijkswaterstaat, industry and public transport. You can always approach me about complex integration projects involving many disciplines.

Jaap van der Veen
Principal Consultant

Michel Findhammer, Projectmanager & consultant with a background in technical business administration and logistics & project management in various industries. I like to think along how we can make the translation from desire or problem to a solution or change.

Michel Findhammer
Senior Consultant

Hi, I am Elske and as a Senior Consultant I like to be involved in innovative change projects & process optimisations. I prefer to work in a socially relevant sector. I am engaging, open-minded and get to the point quickly.

Elske Vermeij
Senior Consultant

Hello! I’m Yvonne, Marketing & Communication Manager. You can always talk to me about corporate strategy, marketing, internal and external communication, content creation and lead generation, events and advertising.

Yvonne Lindsen
Marketing en Communicatie Manager

Hi, Yvette here! At Bostec I am a team assistant in various positions, from marketing assistant to executive secretary. You can always discuss internal processes with me. Furthermore, I like to create smart collaborations to improve project documentation.

Yvette Manders

Hi, I’m Willemijn and I assist organisations in formulating the underlying demands and/or setting a clear target on the horizon. Together with your organisation we will make a step-by-step plan to get there.

Willemijn van Poppel

Hi Richard Deijkers, Manager Sales & Operations with a background in business administration, management, sales and entrepreneurship. I like to think about ways to further develop people and organisations, trends, behaviour, change management and of course sales. From idea to result!

Richard Deijkers
Manager Sales & Operations

Hi, I’m Niels and I have a passion for managing projects. You can speak to me about security processes at an airport and the implementation of hardware and infrastructure changes in a continuously running operation.

Niels Mast

Hello, Michel Emons, Senior Consultant. I like to be on the lookout for improvement. Where can I do better, how do I solve bottlenecks and what does that deliver? I am also excited about every project with a lasting, measurable and preferably also tangible result that I achieve together with the...

Michel Emons
Senior Consultant

Hi, I’m Leo, consultant on the intersection of processes and technology with a focus on people. With me you can discuss innovative solutions, which nobody has thought of or done before. My dream project is to develop the terminal of the future and deploy it internationally.

Leo Groeneveld
Principal Consultant

Hi, I am Kim and I like to find a way in bringing people and systems together. Within a project I focus on the influence of different types of people within a project and streamlining processes. I dream of implementing an (ERP) system in an organization where high level management achieves their...

Kim de Graaf

Hi, I am Joost and I have a Technical Business Administration background with a specialisation in Innovation Management. My qualities lie especially in figuring out complex situations in combination with human behaviour. I enjoy fulfilling job roles as Analyst, Test Manager and Consultant.

Joost Vrijhoef

Hi, I am Jasper, a consultant. I enjoy improving the flow of transport and passengers. Data analyses, process optimisations, translating customer needs into technical solutions and implementations make me excited. Especially when the public and private sector become more sustainable.

Jasper Wildenberg

Jan van den Berg, Principal Consultant. Among other things, I have a great deal of knowledge of baggage handling and logistical processes. I like to work on assignments in which I can design the operating infrastructure to further optimise a logistics process.

Jan van den Berg
Principal Consultant

Hi, Jan Kramer, Senior Consultant and Technical Advisor with a background in maintenance management, information management, business administration, logistics and engineering. Every project or line activity, where I can add value through pragmatic action and creativity, is for me a dream come true.

Jan Kramer
Senior Consultant

Hi, I am Ingrid, HR Manager and for me personal development is key. With me you can always talk about how we can positively stimulate organisational and personal development. I like to connect disciplines and companies in order to achieve a top result together: 1+1=3!

Ingrid Koolen

Hi, I am Floris and I am specialised in logistics management with a focus on air and sea freight. I like to think along about logistic development, process changes and chain integration. I like to optimise existing processes by using innovative techniques.

Floris de Munk

My expertise lies in the area of change management and large-scale migrations/implementations, ERP systems and all kinds of healthcare systems. My dream project is to establish a complete care organisation, resulting in enthusiastic care staff and patients/clients.

Edwin van Putten
Principal Consultant

My background is in technical business studies. My dream project: to make a substantial contribution to safe and free travel, to have access to high quality and affordable healthcare, or to be provided with sustainably and efficiently produced products.

Dries van Diepen
Senior Consultant

I have a background in Complex Systems Engineering and Management and always enjoy sparring about mobility developments and how to respond to them. Ideal projects for me are the integration of innovations in existing mobility processes.

Carmel de Nies
Young Professional

I am someone who can always be approached to bring structure into projects, for team building, for environment management and for change management. The ultimate project for me is to fully digitise a production plant so that it can be controlled remotely.

Bart Schellekens
Senior Consultant

I see myself as an inspirer, coach, driving force and colleague. You can always talk to me about how we can take on the most challenging projects, such as realising Seamless Flow in healthcare; an optimal process from A to Better, where info is provided only once and travels safely with you.

Arjan Fluks

Anthon van Gent, advisor, project leader and test manager. You can always approach me when it comes to aircraft, avionics or aviation processes. At the moment, I am focusing on test management and the testing of security systems.

Anthon van Gent
Senior Consultant

Hello, Marion here! I am an Assistant Controller within Bostec and therefore pick up everything that has to do with finance. I know everything about the administrative processes within our organisation! If you would like to know more, you can always call me.

Marion Wassenaar
Assistant Controller