Our partners

Bostec is a part of VINCI Energies and therefore has direct access to an enormous amount of knowledge and experience within other VINCI Energies business units. These other business units and their areas of expertise are:

– Actemium, the VINCI Energies brand that focusses on industrial processes;
– Axians, the VINCI Energies brand for ICT solutions and services;
– Omexom, the VINCI Energies brand for energy transition; 

They offer advice, design, realization and maintenance in these fields of expertise.

VINCI Energies is characterized by being a unique network organization of business units. The business units are close to their customers. They are highly autonomous and this enables them to respond rapidly and flexible to changes and opportunities in their local markets. They can also collaborate on a temporary or long-term basis for larger and more complex projects or international customers.

Bostec’s expertise lies in analyzing business processes and identifying areas of improvement in the fields of processes, technology and organization. Axians and Actemium mainly focus on technical solutions. When implementing new systems, the impact on the processes and the organization is always taken into account and the necessary adjustments are successfully implemented.


Actemium is also one of the brands of VINCI Energies. The goal is always creating better industrial achievements. Through 23 entrepreneurial business units, spread over the Netherlands, Actemium constantly works on a promising industrial future. Bostec and Actemium regularly work together on inspiring project for organizations such as Schiphol and Schunk Xycarb Technologies.

In addition to working with our sister companies, we also have partnerships with companies beyond VINCI, such as AMS. AMS provides intelligent IoT solutions for tracking and tracing that enables customers to get more value from their assets, machines, fleet, employees, contractors and suppliers. Bostec is the implementation partner for AMS’s rental systems.