Corporate Social Responsibility

We think it is important to contribute to a better world. We express this in our core values Solidarity and Empowerment. Every year Bostec picks a project that we support in order to contribute to the improvement of People, Society and the Environment.

Bostec moves towards a sustainable future

In the next years, we will focus on greening our daily activities. We strive to accomplish a CO2 reduction of 50% by 2030 and by 2050 we even want to be completely CO2 neutral. Electrifying our vehicle fleet is one of the ways in which we can achieve these goals. Therefore every trainee drives a fully electric car in style from 2020 and onwards.

Home schooling made available for all children in Rotterdam

The corona crises has had a big impact on society. Working from home and home schooling have become the new normal. To prevent a learning deficit it has become even more important that all children have access to assets that enable home schooling.

Schools in Rotterdam can now buy these assets, laptops and/or tablets, thanks to subsidies to make sure that children who do not have a laptop or tablets can, just like their class mates, follow online classes. Altogether, the schools that are connected to Foundation Boor receive roughly 2600 devices.

We were involved in this project to help spreading the devices. In collaboration with Foundation BOOR we made sure that all laptops and tablets reached the school as fast and efficiently possible.

Rolling up our sleeves for TICOhuis

The TICOhuis is an initiative of the Dutch Foundation for the disabled children. It offers a home for 16 children with mental disabilities where they can live and work on their own. A team of six of our colleagues participated in the Run Ride Row event and, in cooperation with the Vinci Foundation, raised money for the house. They used the money to buy furniture for the communal areas.

As Bostec, we also rolled up our sleeves to help furnish another common area: the garden! At first this was a car park which has been transformed into a beautiful garden with plants. After hard work we also deserved some rest: the day ended with a pleasant barbecue with the residents.