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Happiness at work
Scarcity is a fact, and we know that the healthcare sector faces challenges. This does not mean that care personnel and healthcare providers lose their enjoyment of their passion. Efficient and effective deployment of care workers and medical resources helps to get back to the heart of the task. We see the optimal use of available capacity as a necessity!
Patient experience
Providing care by looking at it from the perspective of the patient or client. Seems logical, but happens too little in our opinion. A shame, because technical aids are available to meet the needs of the patient or client. Not only do you want to innovate, the patient also expects this from you. Our dream is to create the best possible patient and client experience through the healthcare landscape.
Cooperation in the chain
A patient/client sees several healthcare providers and expects mutual cooperation and information exchange. Yet he or she is often faced with a network of (healthcare) organizations that are not or not completely connected to each other. The technological solutions for chain integration are there, but the basis of every cooperation, building relationships and harmonizing processes is not sufficiently highlighted. We would like to think along with you about how you can tackle this!

Our clients in healthcare

Our activities

Identifying improvement potential
Do you want to know how your department or organization is doing? We help to provide insight into the current work processes and identify points for improvement. Of course, we also suggest possible directions for solutions and can help to implement them. When implementing a solution, we always look at the three components of processes, organization and technology. This is also an important aspect of our way of working.
Project execution
Besides consultancy, Bostec also focuses on implementing improvement projects. Projects are defined and organized together with you. In close consultation, we will decide which form of implementation suits you and the assignment best. These projects vary from implementing process changes, developing a patient/client portal and EPD conversions.
Implementation and change management
Selecting systems and suppliers is often a challenge. After selecting the supplier, the next challenge becomes: implementing the chosen system. This has a technical as well as an organizational component. Change management is a different type of discipline and necessary to successfully implement systems. We take your organization by the hand to ensure that the systems are used in the desired manner and that the processes are optimally supported.

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