About Bostec

Bostec is an organization where you can call each other to account, where you are expected to think pro-actively about tomorrow (and the day after!) and where you have a lot of freedom to take on internal projects in addition to your project at clients. Working for Bostec means that you are in charge of your own career. We grant you a lot of freedom to shape this yourself!

Our core business is carrying out attractive projects for large and small clients in mobility, healthcare and industry. In our projects, we always look at the relationship between process, technology and organization. We are there to give our clients the best advice, so that they can make the best possible choice. Besides giving advice, we also support clients in implementing solutions and take on project management. How do we do this? You can read all about it in the Bostec way of working.


  • Have a passion for the continuous improvement of business processes
  • Can fully go up in the work field and the customer’s experience
  • Think along pro-actively and genuinely work together with the customer and Bostec colleagues
  • Thinking in terms of opportunities and possibilities

Do you recognize yourself and do you get a good feeling from us? Then take a look at our vacancies or send us an open application!

Ps. If you have had a look at our site, you have already seen that Bostec is part of VINCI Energies (with wonderful projects all over the world) and Axians. That is why you are directed to the URL www.werkenbijaxians.nl. You are still applying for a job with us, Bostec.


Meet our colleaguess

I am an experienced and practical Consultant & Project Manager with a background in program-, project-, data- and information management. I am alert and perceptive and enjoy working with clients and colleagues. I am always looking for the best possible outcome. That gives me a lot of energy!

Pervin Gungor-Kurekci
Senior Consultant

Hey, Bert here! I have a strong passion for everything that has to do with capacity, product, and airport management. My expertise lies mainly in the aviation sector. You can speculate with me about forecasting techniques, capacity/efficiency/data analyses and business intelligence.

Bert Dijk

Hi, I’m Dirk, Consultant at Bostec with a background in aviation logistics and international business management. I enjoy talking about the effect of a knowledge gap between the office and the operational workplace involving day-to-day processes.

Dirk de Kempenaer