Allego develops proof of concept for scalable, future-proof charging station

Charge while you run errands, work or a night out
Geplaatst: 25-03-2022

Reference Allego

The Allego charging station network ensures that drivers of electric vehicles can hit the road fully charged. The search for a charging station is not something motorists want to worry about. He or she wants to be confident that when they arrive (wherever they are) there will be charging stations nearby. And that there is one available.

The trend to drive electric continues unabated and is generating many new charging station requests. Not only on the roadside, but also in parking garages and hotels.


Allego is the pan-European charging network for electric vehicles. Allego wants to offer charging solutions that are easy and quick to install and expand. In short, a scalable network.

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Bostec helped Allego with a proof of concept for the charging station concept of the future.


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