The convenience of Triple-play package also for Wholesale market

KPN widens their sales channel by launching a three in one service for telephony, internet and television and hereby realises market growth. 
Geplaatst: 08-03-2021

KPN is a supplier of telecommunications and ICT services and provides consumers with landline and mobile telephone, internet and television. For business clients, KPN takes care of complete telecommunication and ICT solutions. Aside from the business and consumer market KPN also provides the Wholesale market, where they exploit their services for resale under private label. You can imagine, internal competition is a challenge here. A big advantage is broadening of the selling market and thereby increase of the revenues. KPN wanted to offer its Triple-play package for consumers in this particular market (telephone, internet and television). How do you execute this while taking into account the conflicting interests of internal stakeholders? Exactly, you ask Bostec for help and advice. Our consultants do not only have a great track record in telecom, but are also very familiar with KPN.

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