Students challenged in Bostec case during Consultancy Days 2021

Every year, Tilburg University organizes the Consultancy Days for all students interested in consultancy. We are always looking for new talent and therefore present at this great event!
In this article our consultant Kim de Graaf tells how she experienced the day.
Geplaatst: 23-03-2022

The Consultancy Days 2021

There we are, at the Consultancy Days 2021! Edwin van Putten, Floris de Munk, Willemijn van Poppel and I (Kim de Graaf) are meeting in the parking lot at the ‘Tilburg University Sign’. For me it has been a long time since I studied here, but (at first glance) not much has changed. We are warmly welcomed by the organization of the Consultancy Days and coincidentally, one of the guys from the board participates in our case. Nice!

Who are we and what do we do?

We start the day with a presentation about Bostec; who are we and what do we do? Floris and I present and we keep the presentation nice and varied. We do this by starting with a bit of storytelling about a customer, a short introduction about our parent company VINCI and sister company Axians, our Bostec propositions (what are we really good at) and the segments in which we operate (healthcare, industry and mobility).

We focus mainly on ‘what do we really do’. We explain this by means of the CAAS model. Of course we also give clear information about the possibilities of our traineeship. We conclude with an exciting experiment. Each participant receives a deck of cards and is challenged to build a house of cards within one minute. Are you curious about the reason behind this? Send us an e-mail!

Let’s get to work!

After a delicious lunch, the students get to work with our case of the (partly fictitious) Wheyflow company. Edwin (director of Wheyflow for today) explains what the case is about. What is the client struggling with and what do we expect from the students? The groups are formed and they all start enthusiastically. Soon we see great ideas passing by; like the use of our way of working (WoW) and fishbone diagrams. We see good quality and we are happy with that. The case is not simple, there is a lot of hard work to be done in analyzing the documents and making recommendations. There is intensive and good collaboration. After completion, the students present their solution(s) of the case. There are a lot of great results and we are convinced that a number of students will fit in well within Bostec. We like to keep in touch with Tilburg University and hope to be present at this great event again next year.

We will end the day with drinks and a delicious dinner at the Piushaven in Tilburg and toast to this beautiful, inspiring day.

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