Bostec participates in Girls' Day 2021

Recently, it has become clearer than ever how important Beta, Engineering and IT are for society. Lab technologists in Leiden develop vaccines, engineers design ergonomic solutions for home workplaces and IT professionals provide secure IT solutions. These developments offer a great opportunity to enthuse girls about Beta, Engineering and IT.  
Geplaatst: 23-03-2021

Currently, fewer women than men work in the technical sector. Diversity in companies makes for better management. Therefore, we think it is important to introduce girls to working in engineering. We believe there should always be a good balance between process, technology and organisation. You can see this in our way of working and even in the Bostec triangle. That is why we are participating in Girls’ Day on 15 April 2021! This day is organised by VHTO Expertise Centre for Gender Diversity in Beta, Engineering and IT.

Diversified teams

Our goal is to get girls enthusiastic about a career in consultancy and technology. We believe that diversified teams lead to more creative solutions. Creativity, collaboration and the ability to work from different perspectives ensure that we can help our clients in the transformation to (digitally) smart organisations. In addition, a good gender mix often ensures better working conditions and a good working atmosphere.

Online Girls’ Day 2021

This year, we have chosen for an online Girls’ Day. We provide an online workshop in which girls get to know our colleagues and our work in a fun, creative and interactive way. During the workshop, we will take them on a bird’s-eye view of the production process for powdered proteins used in baby food or sports nutrition, and ask them to think about an issue similar to the challenge faced by DVNutrition (DVN). If you would like to know more about Girls’ Day, please visit the VHTO website or contact Carmel de Nies.

Our objective is to excite girls for a profession in consultancy and technology

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