This is how we work towards a more sustainable organization

Green ambassadors at work to give environmental ambition hands and feet.
Geplaatst: 24-01-2022

Green Ambassadors network of VINCI
VINCI has an environmental ambition consisting of three components: trading for climate, optimizing resources thanks to the circular economy and preserving natural environments. To realize this environmental ambition, entrepreneurship is required from each business unit. To harness the intrinsic potential within the organization, the Green Ambassadors network was set up. The aim is to stimulate creativity in the area of sustainability, to share knowledge and to convert it into concrete plans. From Bostec, Annabelle Dierick is happy to contribute to this.

What does being a Green Ambassador entail?
“As Green Ambassador I am the linking pin between the Green Ambassadors network and Bostec. This means that I think along with the network about how we can boost sustainability within the BUs, but also with our customers and suppliers. I share the knowledge and ideas from the Green Ambassador Network with Bostec and we then look at how we can contribute to a more sustainable business,” explains Annabelle.

What does this role mean to you?
“We need to be more careful of our environment and the earth. This can be done in so many different ways. I like to think about how we can make changes within a large company like VINCI Energies Netherlands that contribute to this. How we find ways to change behavior and create awareness among colleagues, customers and suppliers. I grew up with the notion that things are not disposable and that we strive for optimal reuse. I like to take steps to live more sustainably. At home and at work. That is why I am happy to be a green ambassador for Bostec”, says Annabelle.

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