Impacting people's lives

Senior Consultants Elske Vermeij and Edwin van Putten explain why their heart beats for improvement projects in healthcare
Geplaatst: 08-03-2022

Bostec goes for results that do work, by optimizing, digitizing or even transforming processes. By connecting parties to achieve shared success. But what good is that if it doesn’t make healthcare professionals, clients and patients happier? Empathy and genuine interest in their work, their lives. That is what we are all about. Senior Consultants Elske Vermeij and Edwin van Putten explain why their heart beats for improvement projects in healthcare

Impacting people’s lives

When we ask Elske and Edwin why their hearts beat for projects in the healthcare sector, it turns out it’s not about the projects themselves. Edwin: “The care sector is about people. About people like you and me. The goal is always to improve the quality of life of our fellow man. It makes me happy that my contribution has a direct impact on their lives. That is why I like to participate in improvement projects in healthcare.” Elske adds: “From childhood I found healthcare very interesting. Back then I only knew the dentist, the family doctor and the hospital from the patient’s side. I only knew the nursing homes from the visits to my grandmother. That was really very different from now. With 6 people in a bedroom with standing partitions and actually a very unsociable setting. Maybe crazy, but I liked visiting the doctor or going to the hospital. The attention to the patients, the secret processes, I was just so curious.”


Senior Consultant Elske Vermeij  Senior Consultant Edwin van Putten
Senior Consultant                 Senior Consultant
Elske Vermeij                         Edwin van Putten

Get to the bottem of it all

She continues: “In the final phase of my studies in Technical Business Administration, I was looking for an interesting sector to graduate in. The faculty had many connections with companies in chemistry and industry for internships or graduation projects, but these did not attract my attention. I came up with the idea of actively looking for a graduation project in a hospital and that became the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg (now the Twee Steden Hospital). I found it very interesting to understand and figure out the processes in and around the operating room, the “OR”, in great detail. Unraveling secrets by understanding the processes, that is fascinating.

Nobody is waiting for care

Elske and Edwin know the challenges in healthcare like no other. Their years of experience in first-, second- and third-line care have shown them a common thread. Edwin: “Caring matters. You empathize. On the one hand, you think about the processes surrounding the patient or client. On the other hand, you think about the processes surrounding the patient or client, but also about those of the care worker, who works in the care organization. That healthcare organization, in turn, is dependent on funding streams and must adhere to strict laws and regulations. The many parties with different interests make the care process complex. This requires us to constantly shift gears. We have to understand what is really going on. How we strengthen the chain by improving processes”.
Elske adds the other side: “You really want to help the patients, clients and healthcare professionals. No one is waiting to have to receive care. You are really vulnerable at that moment. You have to be able to trust the care providers and you are, as it were, at the mercy of the process and the good care provided by a care institution. Whether that’s a hospital, practice or care facility. How nice it is then when you are well served, that you are surprised by the friendly and efficient processes with clear communication, with staff who are friendly and professional and who enjoy their work.”

From hospitals and GGZ to VGZ and VVT

Edwin has been advising the healthcare sector for over 12 years. He has done very diverse assignments in the sub-sectors of healthcare, such as hospitals, dialysis centers, GGZ, VGZ and VVT. Great projects for hospitals, such as Alrijne Ziekenhuis, St. Maartenskliniek, CuraMare, Maasstad Ziekenhuis, Haga and Havenziekenhuis Rotterdam. In addition, in specialist care for example, Dialysis Center Groningen (DCG) and in the VGZ/VVT at the Baalderborg Group (BBG) and Marente.

As Interim Manager, Project Manager or Senior Advisor he was involved in implementations and change projects, where there was always a combination of process, organization and technology. “Feeling that combination and making it come together well to achieve the desired result is what I feel best about. We ensure that in a complex environment with complex material the material is made as simple as possible. This in turn makes the change easy to implement.”

Elske has worked in healthcare for 17 years now. In her advisory role she has worked on improvement projects for the Zuwe Hofpoort Hospital, IJsselland Hospital, Groningen University Medical Center, Ikazia Hospital, Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital, Careyn, Spijkenisse Medical Center and she was welfare manager at CuraMare for 4 years. “Currently I advise Emergis, a GGZ institution in Zeeland with an important regional function, which serves various client groups. Here, too, it’s puzzling and fun to look for possibilities of how things can be done and how data can contribute to good care, care provision and operational management. The organization received me with open arms and working together is like a warm bath. That really makes my heart beat,” concludes Elske.

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